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Full Solar Eclipse 14 December 2020

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Tour Overview

On the 14th December 2020, thousands of people in Chile will enjoy nature’s grandest show, a total eclipse of the sun.
This is a rare opportunity to view this celestial wonder and the perfect opportunity to experience the unique and ever-changing landscapes of Chile.
This rare celestial event occurs only when a New Moon crosses the Sun as we see it, throwing a Moon-shadow onto the planet. If you stand under the path of that shadow, all of the Sun’s rays will be blocked out for a few minutes, and you’ll experience darkness in the day.
As you gaze at the Sun’s powerful, pulsing corona visible as a wispy white ring around the edges of the Moon, you’ll see huge explosions on the Sun’s surface.
Totality will be visible in portions of Araucanía Region, Los Ríos Region, and a very small part of Bío Bío Region.

Trip Summary
December 9 – Wednesday :Puerto Varas surroundings, depart to Chiloe
December 10 – Thursday: Island Pristine nature & navigation, Full day.
December 11 – Friday: Chiloé Culture, Nature and Local Gastronomy, Full day. Chiloé.
December 12 – Saturday: Half Day Ancud area & Trip to Pucon outdoor village.
December 13 – Sunday: Base of Villarrica active volcano & Natural hot springs, Full day. Pucón

December 14 – Monday ECLIPSE DAY.

December 15 – Tuesday: Pucón. Depart to Temuco Airport


December 9th - Wednesday

Puerto Varas surroundings, depart to Chiloe Island
We will enjoy the architecture of Puerto Varas and a local contemporary museum and then embark to Chiloe Island.
● Arrival at Ocio Hotel.
● Free time to rest and enjoy the surroundings.
● Dinner at a local Restaurant.
● Back to Hotel.

December 10th- Thursday

Pristine nature & navigation, Full day. Chiloé
This day we go to the town of Queilen to board the boat that will take us into the inland sea. The route of navigation has as destiny the Islote Conejo, where diverse species of birds inhabit and in summer nests a colony of Penguin of Magallanes. It is also possible to spot Southern Dolphins that visit the coasts in search of food. The navigation includes a forceful tasting of seafood and white wine, with additional gastronomy to enjoy a complete lunch (included). Returning north, you will visit the town of Chonchi with its Heritage Church, Aituy Beach and the town of Queilen.
– Return to the hotel.

December 11th- Friday

Culture, Nature and Local Gastronomy, Full day. Chiloé

This beautiful trip allows to know some world heritage churches.
We leave in the morning for Dalcahue and from there we cross to the island of Quinchao, where we will take an alternative route that offers us a spectacular view of the Dalcahue channel and the Rilán peninsula.
We will visit the town of Curaco de Velez, a small and picturesque village that we will walk back to Dalcahue to visit the local crafts and the church.
We will go to Tenaun, located 30 minutes from Castro by the coastal road from Dalcahue to Quemchi, this town known for its stories of machis and sorcerers, such as the famous Chispila. We will participate in the preparation of a traditional curanto al hoyo, millenary
preparation of seafood, smoked meats and vegetables using hot stones located in a hole in the ground covered with leaves of Nalca. We will have lunch with a spectacular view of the Archipelago.
While waiting for the Curanto to be cooked, we escaped for a few minutes to Aucar Island, to cross its wooden footbridge and its national attractions for observation. Then we returned to enjoy the tasty local lunch from “Curanto al hoyo”, together with locals and good conversations.
Back to OCIO Territorial Hotel.

December 12th- Saturday

Half Day Ancud area & Trip to Pucon outdoor village.
PUÑIHUIL We go to Puñihuil Bay, declared Natural Monument because it is the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magellanic
penguins nest side by side. We will embark in a boat that will take us to the islets in which for half an hour we will be identifying, besides
penguins, other birds and animals that nest and live in the place as species of cormorants, pelicans, carancas and their occasional sea otter.
After this navigation, we will disembark for lunch (included) in a local restaurant where you can taste the freshest products of the chilote
countryside and the sea. Departure to the Outdoor Village of Pucon.
Interpretative route with viewpoints, lakes and forests during the 350 kms stretch.
Check in at Maki boutique Hotel.
Dinner with the guides at a local Restaurant, walking from the Hotel.
Night in Pucon.

December 13th- Sunday

Base of Villarrica active volcano & Natural hot springs, Full day. Pucón.
We head to the base of the active Villarrica Volcano, one of the most active in South America, with its unique fumarola and panoramic views
of Lake Villarrica. We will walk a soft trekking of observation and crossing of small forests of Coihue and Lenga, native trees of the zone,
always with panoramic views towards the Lake, forests and towards the imposing volcano. Depending on the capacity of access for
this date of high public in the area, we will be able to enter the geological caves of the place, with complete explanation of its guides and
equipment of access. Lunch in a Restaurant.
Then we move to the Huife area, where we enjoy a thermal bath in the hot springs chosen by our guide. Time to relax and enjoy the natural environment, then return to the Hotel and prepare the next great day of Solar Eclipse.

December 14th- Monday

9:00 – Chile Summer Time – 9 hr
A total solar eclipse will occur today. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun’s, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, with the partial solar eclipse visible over a surrounding region thousands of kilometers wide. The path is similar to Solar eclipse of February 26, 2017. It will also take place just 17 months after the Solar eclipse of July 2, 2019, which, like this one, will also be visible from Chile and Argentina. Totality will be visible in portions of Araucanía Region, Los Ríos Region, and a very small part of Bío Bío Region. Cities in the path include Villarrica and Pucón.
We can enjoy the eclipse in terrain set especially for observation, with adequate spaces for the installation of cameras, telescopes and equipment of each assistant. Excellent view to the sky, open area for observation. Bathrooms and storage spaces will be available.
Located in the surroundings of Pucon, not more than 12 kms from the center. The Program will be assisted by an Astronomy Specialist.
In our vehicles we will arrive to this place to enjoy the eclipse. Gourmet outdoor lunch at the place. After the experience we go back to Hotel.
(Optional soft trekking inside a forest of Araucaria after experience. 50 minutes by car from observacion terrain )

December 15th- Tuesday

Depart to Temuco Airport
The time of departure will depend on how the accesses are going to the airport depending on the number of vehicles that are in the area.
(It is recommended to fear tickets in flight schedule pm)
Arrival to Temuco Airport.
End of trip.

Tour Inclusions

  • Private transport mentioned
  • 3 Nights Chiloe Hotel Ocio
  • 3 Nights Maki Boutique Hotel in Pucon (Eclipse days)
  • Eclipse full day program. Solar telescope, open area, private place, specialist guide.
  • Penguin observation.
  • Excursions mentioned for every day.
  • Lunch days Dec 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
  • Dinner days Dec 9 & 12.
  • Specialized and certified bilingual guides.
  • Mineral water and snacks every day.
  • Hot spring tickets.
  • Integration of local proposals favoring local sustainability.
  • Transfer in/out to Airport. Basic insurance. Navigations mentioned, entrance tickets mentioned.
  • Sustainable tourism and with social contribution guidelines. Agency with certification in sustainable tourism.
  • Taxes

Tour Exclusions

  • Lunch days Dec 9 and 15.
  • Dinners days Dec 10, 11, 13 and 14
  • Airplane ticket.
  • Items not mentioned in the program

Tour Pricing

Solar Eclipse 2020
Standard room from

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