About the Misminay Community

Situated 90 minutes away from the imperial city of of Cusco and 20 minutes away from the archaeological complex of Moray, is the rural community of Misminay. 120 families live in the community preserving their ancestral traditions, sacredly linked with nature and their world view. Thanks to the effort and team work with the community, tourism has become an additional income to agriculture which has positively impacted their quality of life.

Our community Greenhouse Project

SATO has been working with the Misminay community by funding the community greenhouse. Having this greenhouse has been an invaluable asset to the community as it allows them to cultivate vegetables that otherwise would be impossible to grow at such high altitudes. These crops are a critical part of their livelihood not only as a source of income but are used for medicinal purposes. Education about sustainable cultivation is also provided to the community empowering them to make sustainable choices as well as creating healthy and nutritious meals for their families.

Including a visit to the Misminay Community in your itinerary will not only give you an insight to everyday life of local Andean community, but will also enable you to make a difference to others.

They will welcome you with a smile!

Here is one of many options to visit them: Exploring The Sacred Valley