Experience Antarctica

Antarctica is among the most beautiful, pristine and least explored places on the planet. Truly exhilarating, mysterious and alluring! Discover this extreme destination with an Antarctic voyage and enjoy the unrivalled views of multi-coloured ice caps, glaciers and pristine wilderness. This largely untouched wilderness is more accessible to a new generation of intrepid explorers.


Where do I start my journey to Antarctica?

You will most probably start your Antarctic journey in Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia is known as the southernmost city in the world and is the main cruise port for the Falkland Islands, Antarctica as well as cruises in South America. From here you can visit the Antarctic Peninsula and sub Antarctic islands like South Georgia or Falkland Islands.

The other option is to depart from Punta Arenas, Chile. Here you may fly to South Shetland Islands then board your vessel. Albeit more expensive, this is a great alternative for those who want to avoid the rough seas of the infamous Drake Passage and to maximise their time in Antarctica.

How do I get there?

From Australia the cheapest and most popular way to get to Antarctica is to fly to South America. QANTAS, LATAM and Air New Zealand can fly you from the eastern coast of Australia then catch your connecting flights to Ushuaia or Punta Arenas. If you’re flying from Perth the most efficient way to get to South America is to fly to Melbourne then onwards to Ushuaia or Punta Arenas

I have questions about tours in Antarctica can you help me?

Absolutely, contact us and we will walk you through the whole process from deciding the right cruise for you to supporting you during your trip and every step in between. We are here to answer questions that you may have and can help organise flights and offer extra sightseeing activities that may interest you.

When to Visit

Antarctic wildlife is at its most active during the southern summer. The beauty and solitude of Antarctic seas and mountains conceals the frantic activity of the shoreline colonies of birds and mammals

Nov – Dec (Spring)
After the winter darkness, spring fever hits Antarctica and the sun causes an explosive growth of phytoplankton in areas of mineral upwelling. The phytoplankton provides food to the astronomic swarms of zooplankton, including krill. Krill forms the base of the food chain for squid, fish and ultimately for seabirds, seals and whales, which flock in to fatten themselves and to produce their young.

Jan- Feb
In the warmer months of January and February wildlife activities are in full swing, therefore this is best time to visit Antarctica. Most penguin chicks hatch in January, earliest in the South Shetland Islands and later more to the south at the Peninsula. The frantic activity continues in the colonies in February as the young get older and bolder and are gathering in crèches.

Nightly darkness returns as the sun sinks farther below the southern horizon, but temperatures are still above zero, though we may experience a touch of Antarctic winter with night frosts, creating beautiful patterns of thin sea ice on the surface. The snow cover is at its minimum allowing for easy and extensive walks in the South Shetland Islands.

Antarctic Peninsula

A popular introduction to the least travelled continent in the world is the ‘Classic Antarctica’ cruise. This tour offers the scenic highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula including seeing a diverse range of wildlife set in the breathtaking scenery of snow capped mountains, stunning glaciers, and icy channels.
  • Ranging from 9 to 11 Days
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Antarctica, South Georgia, & Falkland Islands

Follow in the footsteps of famous explorers like Ernest Shackleton discovering the history and inhabitants of this great white continent. South Georgia is rich with wildlife offering close-up encounters with King Penguins and the unique terrains of the Falkland Islands offer spectacular hiking treks.
  • Ranging from 17 to 20 Days
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Antarctic Circle

The Antarctic Circle is the southernmost point only experienced by a select few travelers. Cruise through the icy waters of this pristine paradise to see orcas, seals, whales and colonies of penguins framed by towering ice bergs and crystal -like glaciers.
  • Ranging from 12 to 14 Days
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Weddell Sea

Experience a true polar expedition as you cruise the Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea and the stunning South Shetland Islands which are almost completely covered in ice. The Weddell Sea is said to be the clearest sea in the Antarctic, home to an abundance of whales and seals as well as colonies of Adelie penguins
  • Ranging from 11 to 12 Days
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Fly / Cruise Voyages

For those with limited time, flying over the legendary waters of the Drake Passage is the perfect way to experience the vast land of Antarctica. By starting and ending your journey in Punta Arenas, you will spend more time exploring the awe inspiring landscape and experiencing close encounters with wildlife.
  • Ranging from 6 to 8 Days
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Alternative Experiences

Make your Antarctic experience even more memorable by experiencing some 'hands on' activities. These optional activities are a great way to break your stay on board and are sometimes included in your program.
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Camping on the Ice
  • Hiking
  • Photography
Alternative Experiences

Antarctica Tour Highlights

Amazing Icebergs

Abundant Wildlife

Cruising Through Stunning Landscapes

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