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Belizean culture is a cultural melting pot of Hispanic, African and West Indian to form its own unique traditions and customs. Belize is the ideal destination popular for snorkelers, divers, nature lovers, and archaeology enthusiasts thanks to its beautiful coral reefs, virgin jungle and some 200 small caves which line the coastline. Belize’s jungle holds the world’s largest Jaguar preserve along with over 500 species who inhabit it. For explorers, there are over 600 known sites of ancient civilisations, many of which are accessible.


Belize at a Glance

Time Difference

GMT - 6

Capital City

Belize City


Belize Dollar

About Belize and Tour Highlights

Getting to Belize

You can fly into Belize City from most major cities from Australia and New Zealand. Alternatively, you can enter from any of Belize’s neighbouring countries of, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico or any country from South America.


The climate in Belize is generally pleasant with warm but comfortable temperatures of around 29° throughout the year. During winter (around November – March) in can be cool with an average temperature of 16° while in summer (May – September) where it is generally 30°.

The dry season (February and May) has much lower rainfall compared to the rest of the year. The wet season (June – December) it can rain up to 127 centimeters in certain parts of Belize with June or early July being the wettest months.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio is the rustic centre of the Cayo District best known for its proximity to ancient Mayan ruins. There are plenty of day trip opportunities and exciting outdoor activities as well as bustling local markets.

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The Belize Reef is located nearby and is a snorkelers paradise. San Pedro, located on the island has the atmosphere of a small bustling fishing village while offering amp water activities such as kayaking, jet sailing, parasailing and kayaking.

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