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Panama is a vibrant country flourished with diverse landscapes to explore and unique cultures to experience. Its contrasting beauty consists of jungle rainforests, rugged mountains, pristine waterfalls, charming and colonial towns. Thanks to its rich biodiversity it offers naturalists world class-bird watching opportunities and wildlife viewing.


Panama at a Glance

Time Difference

GMT - 5

Capital City

Panama City


Balboa, United States dollar

About Panama and Tour highlights


Panama has a tropical climate. Temperatures are uniformly high, as is the relative humidity, and there is little seasonal variation. The rainy season lasts from May to November but rain rarely lasts all day. The dry season is from December to April.

Panama City

From its humble beginnings as an Indian fishing village, Panama City is now a metropolis and a prosperous hub for trade and immigration. Despite its skyscrapers and modernity, the city retains its colonial influences found in several plazas and churches in places such as Panama Viejo. Activities in the city are endless there are rooftop bars, clubs, palettes full of international cuisines as well as nearby escapes to sandy beaches, admiring the famous Panama Canal or hiking Panama’s rainforests.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an engineering masterpiece allowing vessels to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans via the narrow Isthmus of Panama. It is a ‘shortcut’ between the two oceans shortening the sailing time for ships. Tour the Panama Canal to observe the fascinating locks, Gamboa rainforest, Monkey Island and the man-made Gatun Lake.

Embera Indian Village

Step back in time and visit Embera located deep in the tropical rainforest of Panama and home of the indigenous community known as the Embera tribe. Tour Embera to get a glimpse of their everyday life many of which still practise their traditional customs and culture.

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