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Comprising almost the entire southern half of South America, Argentina is a land of many regions; from sun drenched beaches to caps of polar ice, enormous mountain ranges, magnificent plains of the pampas and subtropical forests.

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Argentina offers vast rolling wine regions and snowy peaks in the north and expansive lakes, jagged peaks and kilometres of empty space in the south. Buenos Aires, its capital, is chaotic, hypnotic and addictive with its all night fiestas. Argentina is also a popular ski destination and there are plenty of romantic walks in the glistening Lake District. A visit to the Iguazu Falls will impress as will the plentiful wildlife of the national park. San Telmo has antique stalls for browsing and ancient cafés to sip coffee in and listen to an abundance of live music while in Buenos Aires, visitors can wine and dine their way through all night fiestas. Sports fans will be well catered for in football mad Buenos Aires, one of Argentina’s greatest loves, the other two being food and partying.

Getting to Argentina

There are many entry points to Argentina from Australia/New Zealand. You’ll either fly direct to Buenos Aires or into Santiago, Chile and get a connecting flight to Buenos Aires.  Alternatively you can enter by land to Argentina from its five bordering  neighbours – Bolivia,Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile.


Stretched over 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) from north to south, Argentina has a diverse range of climates, spanning from the almost tropical climate of the north, to the temperate climate of Buenos Aires and the Pampas, to the cold and windy climate of Patagonia, and finally to the subpolar climate of Tierra del Fuego. Moreover, there is the cold mountainous climate of the Andes, arid in the northern and central part, and cold and snowy in the south.
Rainfall is abundant in the north-east, while snowfalls are frequent in the extreme south. In the south-central, in the Pampas and in Patagonia, there is a vast arid area.
Being that it’s located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons in Argentina are the same as Australia/ New Zealand and reversed in comparison with North America or Europe.

Buenos Aires

The most popular starting point for an Argentina tour is the country’s capital, Buenos Aires. Often referred to as ‘the Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires is a city in which you can linger. There are many fascinating neighbourhoods but some of our favourites include La Boca, a ‘barrio’ known for its European feel being home to some of the best art galleries and tango shows in town, or San Telmo with its restored mansions and antique stores.

Iguazu Falls

Misiones province is a tropical region containing magnificent rainforest, deep flowing rivers and ‘the Great Waters’ – the mighty Iguazu Falls. The thundering waterfalls are an incredible sight-and-sound sensation, 3km wide and plunging 70m into the gorge that divides Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. You can see the wide-angle view of Iguazu from the Brazilian side and more close-up detail from the Argentine side. The area has extraordinary flora and fauna including, in particular, many beautiful butterflies.

Lake District

This breathtaking landscape of sparkling lakes, waterfalls, snowy peaks and vast green forests, is often likened to Europe’s alpine regions and incorporates several spectacular national parks.  It offers remarkable year-round opportunities to enjoy its natural wonders – hiking, biking, riding and fishing, summer sailing and winter skiing – or simply to relax for a few days and immerse yourself in all of its splendour.
The Lakes District bus-and-boat route across the Andes between Argentina and Chile is a scenic sensation.  Begin from the Swiss-style town of Bariloche with a chance to explore the surrounding countryside.  Depart by bus and boat to the remote settlement of Peulla for an overnight stop midway with time to really absorb the region’s beauty.  Cruise across Lake Todos los Santos, considered the most beautiful lake in southern Chile with emerald waters surrounded by thick forests and views of snow-capped volcanoes, including the perfect cone of Osorno (2,652m) to reach the town Puerto Varas in Chile.The old Inca capital high in the Peruvian Andes is renowned for its extensive Inca ruins, many colonial churches and monasteries built atop ancient Indian stonework.


The wild and stunning landscapes of Argentine Patagonia will remain imprinted on your mind forever. Among the unforgettable images are the spectacular lakes and glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park , the exceptional marine life of the Valdes Peninsula, and Tierra del Fuego – “the end of the world” and gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula.
Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina: Cruise across Lake Argentino, passing among huge icebergs to view some of the most spectacular glaciers in the world, including the largest glacier in the park, Upsala.
Fitz Roy: A wild, isolated and scenically dramatic area offering walks and excursions for all levels of fitness.

Northwestern Provinces

Argentina’s northwestern province are famous for its spectacular scenery of Andean peaks, multi coloured valleys (near Purmamarca) and vineyards (in particular near Cafayate).  The city of Salta was founded in 1582 by the Spanish commander Hernando de Lerma, as such it has many fine colonial buildings.  All this area adds a very different aspect to a tour of Argentina.  There are several hotels and Estancias being one of our clients favourites. Some clients use the northwest of Argentina as a gateway into Bolivia and the Uyuni Salts flats, with their journey ending in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

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