Shore Excursions

One of the  Activities in Antarctica on any expedition will include multiple shore excursions. Your expedition team will be sure to make the most of opportunities for on-shore excursions so that you can spend time exploring one of nature’s most spectacular wonderlands! You will even be able to visit scientific research stations and interact with the local communities.

Zodiac Excursions

Your ship is equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs, which provide a safe and efficient way to cruise the Antarctic waters.


Capture the Antarctic wonderland at its most beautiful with a guided photography tour that caters to all levels of photographers. This optional extra includes several workshops, presentations and excursions – please note that this activity requires you to bring your own camera.


These tours lead you to amazing vantage points and allow even closer interaction with local wildlife, so don’t forget your camera! This optional extra is available for all levels of fitness and interests.

Sea Kayaking

Paddle your way through the tranquil waters of the Antarctic with a small group of sea kayakers, no matter your level of fitness. All equipment is provided and an experienced guide leads you the whole way. This  is one of the most popular optional extra Activities in Antarctica  so be sure to reserve your place.


For the fun and adventurous, why not take an exciting climb to the peak of an Antarctic mountain? Mountaineering is available on selected voyages and requires a basic level of fitness.


Why not spend a night ashore the Antarctic shelf? Camping on the ice is an optional extra available on several voyages, however, places are limited so be sure to reserve your place at the time of booking. All camping gear is provided.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Every direction you look during your Antarctic voyage offers a new opportunity for bird and wildlifewatching. The type of wildlife you come across will depend on the voyage you take and the time of year.

Antarctica Scenery from your Cruise


Take the plunge and explore the Antarctic underworld with a scuba dive – these dives allow you to observe the Antarctic shelf below sea level. Please note that this optional extra requires you to hold an advanced diving certificate and suitable dry suit experience. Limited vessels offer diving in Antarctica.

Cross-Country Skiing

Take in the unbeatable scenery of Antarctica’s inner remote regions while skiing off the beaten track! You don’t have to be a professional but this optional extra requires some previous experience.