11 - 12 Days

Experience a true polar expedition as you cruise the Antarctic Peninsula, Weddle Sea and the stunning South Shetland Islands which are almost completely covered in ice. The Weddell Sea is said to be the clearest sea in the Atlantic, home to an abundance of whales and seals as well as colonies of Adelie penguins.



Note: Itineraries may vary depending on the ship. The itinerary below involves crossing the Drake Passage in both directions by ship. Other options such as flying one way or both ways is also available. The itinerary is a guide only. The Itinerary and duration of voyage may vary depending on the expedition vessel, departure and weather conditions.


Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Depart Ushuaia (D)

Embark your ship and sail along the Beagle Channel and Mackinlay pass.

Day 2 - 3: Drake Passage (B L D)

As you travel through the passage, the guides will help you identify the amazing variety of seabirds including wandering albatross, giant petrels and others.

Day 4 - 6: Exploring the Weddell Sea (B L D)

The Weddell Sea represents the centre of the Peninsula’s Adelie Penguin population. This is where huge tabular icebergs roam. In some years, the Erebus & Terror Gulf and Weddell Sea are chock-a-block full with ice, making for exciting ice navigation. Get up early and go out on deck. It may be 3:30h in the morning, but the sunrises will be unlike anything you´ve ever seen. See snow White Petrels and Pintado petrels flying across the floes.

Day 7 - 8: Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands Islands (B L D)

  • We hope to navigate some of the most beautiful waterways: the Gerlache Strait, Errera Channel and Neumayer Channel. Possible landing sites may include: Paradise Bay, which is perhaps the most aptly named place in the world with its impressive glacial fronts and mountains, Cuverville Island, home of the biggest Gentoo Penguin colony in the Peninsula surrounded by glaciers and castellated icebergs, and the British Museum and Post office at Port Lockroy. Further exploration will lead to the South Shetland Islands, a volcanic islands group which is haven for wildlife. Some sights visited include Deception Island, Half Moon Island and Elephant Island.

Day 9 - 10: Drake Passage (B L D)

As you recross the Drake, Antarctica fades away, leaving you with a collection of memories to last a lifetime.

Day 11: Ushuaia (B)

Disembarkation in Ushuaia.