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Tour Overview

OCIO Territorial Hotel invites you to discover the authentic Chiloé, with an excellent location to explore all corners of this archipelago, privileged views of Castro’s fjord and top-level services.

The all-inclusive programs provide you with all the tools to fully experience the wonders of the Castro Fjord. Each day, you will have the choice a full day or 2 half day excursions.

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Excursion Options

Half Day Regular Excursions

Rilan´s Peninsula.
In this tour we will learn about the rural life of our neighbours in the “Rilan Peninsula”, with all its cultural richness and identity, to learn about life in the Chilote countryside. We will visit Mrs. Maruja’s house, where we will know her way of living from the land in a village of peasants, where we will share with locals like Don Raúl who will show us his rural school that became a museum of local heritage, or Juan Carlos, farmer and local producer.

Castro: Fjord Navigation and Heritage City Tour

We will walk to the pier of the hotel to board a Chiloe boat with our neighbour and captain Don Oncho. “We will make a tour of the Castro fjord, and we will see up close their “Palafitos” wooden houses built on stilts in the coast zones.
We disembark at the main pier of Castro to begin to know the capital of the province on foot, where we will visit the main local craft shops. Then we will go up to the city to learn about the folkloric customs and its habitants. Finally, the tour ends at the main square to visit San Francisco Church, one of the 16 churches declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000.”

Dalcahue and Quinchao Island

We will travel to the town of Dalcahue, a mythical town of boats and fishermen. Here we will visit a museum, the coastal border and the most important artisan market of the island with local products such as wool, wood and basketry.
From Dalcahue, we will take the ferry to the island of Quinchao to visit Curaco de Vélez and the coastline. The tour ends in Achao, where we’ll visit the oldest church in Chiloé archipelago.

City Tour Castro

On this tour we will know the most important city of the Chiloé Archipelago. With around 40,000 inhabitants, the City of Castro is one of the best stops if we visit Chiloé. Iconic place for its palafitos (some with more than 125 years). In this excursion we can learn about local culture and traditions. The varied cuisine, craft fairs with local products and its church, are some of the beauties of this tour. We will visit viewpoints, museums, and local people. It is a walking tour that will allow us to live the experience of this beautiful city.

OCIO trails

Interpretive tour of OCIO Territorial, where you can enjoy its natural scenic beauty, its paths and viewpoints, its architecture and nature, accompanied by our cultural and historical richness. The excursion seeks to teach the visitor about everything that surrounds the magical archipelago of Chiloé, recognizing its importance within the Chilean heritage, being able to recognize its flora, fauna and its particular way of life.

Kayak Fiordo de Castro

We go down by car to the hotel’s pier, where we will start paddling through the fjord. We will make sightings of different species of birds that live in the surroundings, until we reach the old Tongoy palafito. From there we will cross to the sector of Ten-Ten, where we will make a stop to rest and eat a snack. Finally, we will return to the pier and return by vehicle to the hotel.

Kayak Río San Pedro

We travel to the town of Saint Peter ( San Pedro), where we will meet with the guide in charge of the activity, we will receive a technical talk and the necessary security equipment. We will do a kayak down the Saint Peter River to the Saint Peter Bridge or the Cude sector, depending on the environmental conditions and time of year. In both cases we can appreciate the native forest from the water, as well as bird watching. Finally we will share a tasting of seafood and appetizers on the river’s shore.

Trekking + Kayak Hotel OCIO

We’ll take a walk along the trails of the hotel, to learn about the construction history of the project, and to appreciate the native flora and fauna present in the surroundings. We continue to the beach next to the hotel, where we will start paddling through the fjord until we reach the old Tongoy palafito. During the trip we will be able to observe some species of marine birds and occasionally Chilean dolphins (toninas). Then we will cross to the sector of Ten-Ten, where we will make a stop to rest and eat a snack. Finally, we return to the beach area and walk back (or by car) to the hotel.




Full Day Regular Excursions

Chiloé National Park

On this tour we will travel to the town of Cucao, enjoying the landscapes of the Huillinco and Cucao lakes respectively.
From there we will begin the walks along the interpretive trails of the Chiloé national park.
After the walk, we will enjoy lunch with chilota preparations made by Morelia in his restaurant “Traditions Morelia” to finally return to the hotel.

Quemchi – Dalcahue Coast

The excursion begins in Dalcahue, “The City of the Dalcas”, where we will visit its craft fair, cooks, and its coastal edge, especially for photographs. We continue on our way and visit the church of San Juan and the Church of Tenaún. Arriving at the town of Colo, we will have lunch with Mrs. Marta, being able to enjoy the traditional local cuisine and a pleasant moment. In the sector we will visit the World Heritage Church and make a trekking to the Colo River. The experience continues through the Tocoihue Waterfalls, appreciating the beauty of the landscape and its imposing waterfall. Finalize in Aucar “The Island of Navigating Souls” to recognize native flora and birds of the sector, accompanied by its church and private cemetery.

Isla Lemuy

This tour will take place on the third largest island of the archipelago. Nature and history will be part of this adventure. We will get to know Ichuac and Aldachildo, its heritage churches and its picturesque coastal towns. Crossing its forests, we will go to lunch in Detif where we will meet Don Juan and Mrs. Flor, two local gastronomic entrepreneurs, and then finish with a walk on the beach, spotting flora and fauna unique to the place.

Navigation Pinguinera Islote Rabbit & Chonchi

“We will travel to the town of Queilen to embark on the Kawescar boat where we will meet Jorge and Jessica, a chilote marriage and owners of this venture, who will take us to visit the colonies of Magellanic penguins that nest in this sector during the summer. We will also observe different species of birds, Chilean dolphins and southern dolphins, while we enjoy two and a half hours of navigation while enjoying local seafood. Back at OCIO Territorial we will visit the town of Chonchi, a fishing village that still retains its identity and traditions. We will visit its church of World Heritage with its vault painted a starry blue. We will travel from the city to the port, walking along its main street, where the great entrepreneurs of the 19th century timber industry boom, built their houses, which are still maintained as national monuments. ”

East Coast Excursion: A journey through local traditions.

“We will travel towards the east coast of the island, touring the small coastal towns.” San Juan stands out for its heritage church and its carpenters from rivera, two Chilote traditions that have a deep link related to the trade of construction with wood.
We will meet Daniel, owner of one of the last rivera shipyards, who was born in San Juan and has dedicated his life to the construction of boats. He will show us the construction process and explain in detail the story of how he got to do this job. Then we will walk a couple of meters to visit the patrimonial church of San Juan.


“We will travel towards the northwest part of the island to see a sunken forest, located in the town of Chepu, as a result of the tsunami caused by the earthquake of 1960. We will learn about a 300 hectares conservation project of native forest, where Fernando and Enriquetta will tell us their story through an explanatory trail of 3 kms. We will have lunch in its hearth with a unique and panoramic view of the Chepu River. Then we can, time allowing, navigate the scenic Rio Chepu in Fernando’s boat to see birds of the sector such as cormorants, herons, and ducks. If navigation is not possible, we will continue on our way to the hotel to visit the first agro-tourism lodge of Chepu, which under the direction of its own founders, Armando and Sonia, will teach us and share their daily lives, touring their countryside, their Orchard, its animals and of course its factory of artisanal cheeses.”

Spanish Forts and Quilo Bridge Prehistoric Museum

Visit to the Spanish Fortifications of Agui, Chaicura and Balcacura, enjoying its beautiful landscapes and history.
Each of them keeps the history of the conquest of Chiloé under the hand of the Spanish, then visit the Prehistoric Museum of Quilo Bridge to learn more about the first inhabitants of the Chiloé archipelago and the Gonzales family, which have maintained the legacy that his father “Don Serafin” began. He started the museum collecting treasures left by the conquest of Chiloé and its first inhabitants. The Quilo Bridge Museum stands out, because in this land, where they found bones of the oldest humans of Chiloé (6,500 years ago) and the oldest curanto holeof about 4,000 years. We will end our tour with a traditional lunch at the “Mirador de Mechaico” restaurant.

City Tour Ancud

We will go to Ancud to visit its beautiful city, getting know food & handcraft markets, the renewed coastal walk, beach and viewpoint Arena Gruesa and the San Antonio spanish fort. We continue to the Yuste sector, in the Lacuy Peninsula, to visit “Las Canteras”, a unique tourist attraction in Chile, where the Cancagua Stone is extracted, a local resource, which allows us to get to know one of the oldest trades of Chiloé “El Cancaguero”. We can visit the penguins.


“Muelle de las Almas” & Chonchi

We will travel to Chonchi to see the Patrimonial Church, waterfront, Craft Fair and interesting museums. Then we go to the “Muelle de las Almas”, for a walk along the edge of the coastal cliffs, a special place for its stunning scenery, to end with a lunch in a traditional Cucao restaurant “Tradiciones Morelia”.

Bosque Piedra & Agroturismo Terra Lluvia

“We will visit two conservation projects different from each other, but no less important for Chiloé and its sustainability: the preservation of the native forest and conservation, and care for the Chilote traditions.

In “Bosque Piedra”, a private reserve, we walk through three types of native forests where we will know the value of the flora, fauna and geology of the area. In “Agroturismo Terra Lluvia” we will meet Gloria and her “Ruta de la Murta” she will tell us about her love for the murta, an endemic berry of our country, became a space for teaching and conservation of organic agricultural techniques. We will share a homemade lunch, just as she did with his family, and we will listen to her stories gathered by the fire next to his stove.”

Parque Nacional + Muelle de las Almas

We’ll travel to the town of Cucao, enjoying the landscapes of lakes Huillinco and Cucao. From there we’ll start the walk along the interpretive trails of the Chiloé National Park. The physical requirement of these trails is low and can be done by people of any age. Then we’ll move along to the Rahue sector, to take a walk and visit the legendary “Muelle de las Almas” (Soul’s Dock), a sector of cliffs with a particular viewpoint towards the Pacific Ocean. We return to the area of Lake Huillinco, to enjoy chilotas preparations in the restaurant “Morelia Traditions”, and finally, make the trip back to the hotel.

Ruta de las Iglesias

On this tour we’ll visit some of the 16 churches declared World Heritage by UNESCO, analyze their architecture and understand the history around them. We begin by visiting the patrimonial church of the town of Rilán. We continue the journey to the town of Tenaún, where we can appreciate a very particular church located between hills and the sea. Then we head towards the town of Dalcahue, where we will visit the Craft market, one of the most authentic of the island, and its patrimonial church. Finally, we will visit the city of Castro to eat at a typical restaurant in the area and visit its impressive church, one of the largest and oldest in the archipelago.

Pinguineras de Puñihuil

We will travel from the hotel to the bay of Puñihuil. This area, declared a Natural Monument in 1999, is characterized by being one of the few places in the world where colonies of the Humboldt penguin species and Magellanic penguin breed and nest together. We will do a 30 minute navigation to the islets of Puñihuil, where besides penguins we can observe different species of birds, such as gulls, cormorants, bandurrias, jotes, ducks, terns, and occasionally marine mammals such as sea lions, chungungos and dolphins. Then we will have lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the sea, where we will taste fresh local products and take a short break. Finally we will take a walk to visit the viewpoint of the Puñihuil cove, where we will have panoramic views of the beach and we will be able to see different species of birds up close.

Navegación avistamiento de Ballenas y Pinguinos.

We leave from the hotel to the town Puñihuil. In the cove, we will embark for 3 hours on a tour to see different marine species. The migratory routes of the cetaceans that visit the area between the months of October and March. Depending on the time of year and the environmental conditions it’s possible to observe different species, such as Blue whales, Humpback whales and Fin whales, as well as dolphins and several species of pelagic birds such as fardelas, petrels and albatrosses. * This activity is subject to environmental conditions, so it can only be coordinated with a maximum of 3 days in advance.

Río San Pedro

We leave the hotel toward the town of San Pedro. We will ride peacefully on the banks of the majestic Saint Peter River, where we can appreciate a forest environment of arrayanes and coihues, as well as various species of birds and native mammals. Finally, we will share a tasting of seafood and other local preparations on the banks of the river.

San Pedro – Aquildá

We travel to the town of San Pedro (Saint Peter), where we will meet with the guide in charge of the ride, in this place we will receive a technical talk and the necessary security equipment. We will ride to the hanging bridge of Aquildá, where we will enjoy a lunch with local preparations on the banks of the Saint Peter River. Then, we will leave the horses to continue in a calm descent in kayak by the river. This route is destined for the Saint Peter Bridge or the Cude sector, depending on the conditions and time of year. In both cases we can appreciate the native forest from the water and make bird sightings.

Cordillera de Piuchén

We travel to the town of Saint Peter (San Pedro). We will ride through the imposing mountain range of Piuchén, crossing native forests of arrayanes and coihues until reaching the Saint Peter River. From there we will move through the valley to reach the western coast of the island, share a lunch with local preparations, and enjoy a privileged view of the bay of Pullao. Finally we will ride back to the shed for the clearing, and undertake the return trip back to the hotel.

Tour Inclusions

  • Transfers: 1 or 2 nights all-inclusive program consider transfer from / to the Castro airport and Hotel.
  • Transfer: 3 nights all inclusive program consider a one-way transfer from/to Puerto Montt and one way transfer to Castro Airport.
  • Transfers: 4 nights or more all-inclusive program consider return transfers from Castro Airport or Puerto Montt.
  • Accommodation on selected room and free Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Sodas, national liquor, national beers and house wines.
  • Sauna and Hot Tub access
  • Access to hotel trails and private dock
  • Regular daily excursions with bilingual guides depending on the program (Spanish / English). o 2 half days or 1 Full Day Excursions

Tour Exclusions

  • SPA Treatments
  • Tips
  • Private Excursions
  • Any items not listed in the inclusions
  • Seasonal surcharges apply

Tour Pricing

Twin / Double
3 Days / 2 Nights - Standard Suite
4 Days / 3 Nights - Standard Suite
5 Days / 4 Nights - Standard Suite

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