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Experience the simple luxury and exquisite service of The Singular Patagonia

The Singular Patagonia is a five-star luxury hotel located in Puerto Bories, Chile, offering 57 rooms and suites, a world-class spa, a gourmet restaurant and more than 20 different excursions—including ones to stunning Torres del Paine National Park.

Built using sustainable material and a leader in environmental responsibility, The Singular was awarded the LEED environmental certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the US Green Building Council.

Experience firsthand Patagonia’s jaw dropping beauty of crystalline rivers, snow-capped peaks and vivid blue skies at The Singular. The property also has two private reserves, over 37,000 acres of local flora and fauna which guests can enjoy and is the home to the local indigenous plants and animals.

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Sample Excursions

Each day, guests will meet with our excursion manager to discuss and set their new day activities. See below for sample excursions.

Basic Level Half Day


Full Day

This excursion is highly recommended to those who search to disconnect for a full day. We will depart from the hotel  by van towards one of the wildest, mystic and remote areas of the Ultima Esperanza area. The ride will last for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. During the trip we will stop several times to admire the beautiful environs and beautiful views of the Paine Towers. Before entering Sierra Baguales, we will pass by Estancia Cerro Guido, one of the typical estancias of this area of Patagonia, where we will learn about the daily duties of an Estancia.

Then, we will continue our trip towards Sierra Baguales, an impressive mountain range, whose name was given by the locals due to the hordes of wild horses, which were very difficult to domesticate. In some areas, it will be possible to find fossils that speak of the planet’s very ancient times and have a privileged sanctuary in this place. Our final destination will be Estancia Las Cumbres, a secluded place, reserved inly to a few adventurers with a pioneer’s spirit. Here, we will be able to feel and experience the Authentic Patagonia and will contemplate the breathtaking  landscape with a very nice lunch. After a recovering pause, we will continue our adventure. This excursion takes place in a private property of The Singular hotels.


Full Day

The Torres del Paine National Park is part of the National System of the Protected Wildlife Areas of Chile. It is located 154 km from Puerto Bories. We will head north from Puerto Natales, reaching Villa Cerro Castillo. This is a village surrounding an old estancia that belonged to the Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego, devoted to sheep farming. Then we will continue our journey to Lago Sarmiento, where we will be able to observe the typical fauna of this area: ñandúes and herds of guanacos. We will enter the Torres del Paine National Park at Portería Laguna Amarga. Once inside the park, we will visit different viewpoints with unique perspectives of the Macizo Paine. We will take a thirty-minute walk to visit the Salto Grande waterfall, where we will be able to see the Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns). Finally, we will reach Lago Grey, where we will start a one-hour trek, with a view of Glacier Grey and icebergs. We will return by the Mylodon Cave route, where we will have panoramic views of the Macizo Paine.


Full Day

Departing from our own dock, we will start an authentic adventure navigating through the  cold and amazing patagonian fjords, towards Bernardo O’Higgins National Park , Chile’s largest park with an area over 6,000,000 acres. During the  trip we will unveil the history of the navigants who discovered this area. After 1 hour and 30 minutes we will arrive into Monte Balmaceda (4,070 feet high) where we will see the hanging glacier.  Then we will disembark in Puerto Toro to start a 45 minute walk (round trip)  towards  the Serrano Glacier. Back in the boat, we will enjoy some cocktails and snacks and then continue to La Menta, a typical Estancia where lunch will be awaiting us. After savouring the local gastronomy, we will walk around the estancia to then return to the boat and navigate back to the hotel.

Basic Level Half Day


Half Day

Puerto Natales is located on the southernmost end of the country. Our visit will start in the coastal area by the shore of Canal Señoret where we will enjoy the beautiful landscape from the Costanera Pedro Montt promenade, usually visited by birds of the area such as black-necked swans. We will continue our journey along the coast until we reach the fishermen pier and fish market. Heading towards the central part of the city, we will visit some of the more significant constructions such as the Municipalidad building, built during the Magellan cattle booming times and financed by the “Sociedad Explotadora Ganadera de Tierra del Fuego”. We will learn about the history of Puerto Natales during a visit to the Museo Histórico Municipal, as well as having the opportunity and privilege of meeting the locals and artisans, getting to know their work, traditions and workplaces.


Half Day

The Milodon Cave is located twenty-five kms northeast from Puerto Natales. The caves are considered to be one of the oldest and most important archaeological and paleontological sites in Southern Patagonia. They provide evidence of a human presence from 12.000 BC associated with the extinct mylodon. Our hiking excursion will start at Cueva Chica (Small Cave) where we will learn about this important archaelogical finding, and then head to the Cueva del Medio (Middle Cave), finishing at Cueva del Milodon (Milodon Cave) of a stunning scale and dimension: two hundred metres deep, eighty metres wide and thirty metres high.


Half Day

Departure from the hotel towards the historical Estancia Puerto Consuelo, a 30 minute vehicle ride. This is the first estancia to be known at this region and belonged to the German pioneer Herman Eberhard. Here he developed the business of livestock. The place maintains its original facilities and still keeps the estancia activities. After getting ready with our gear and equipment, we start the visit to the estancia, loaded with history and through diverse natural landscapes, to enjoy an unforgettable moment in one of Patagonia’s most beautiful settings.


Half Day

Our adventure will start with a cycle along the border of the tranquil waters of Canal Señoret until we reach the outskirts of the city where a prehistoric mylodon replica will welcome us to Puerto Natales. We will first visit Costanera Pedro Montt, where we will enjoy a spectacular view and we will then visit the fishermen pier. From the coast we will head to the inner part of the city and to the Plaza de Armas, the historic Municipal Museum and the Municipal building, which was built during the Magellan cattle fever, mixing a British Post-Victorian style with the traditions of this area. During our journey we will identify special features of the city as well as having the opportunity to have direct contact with the local artisans, getting to know their work, their workshops as well as listening to their stories.


Half Day

Enjoy the opportunity of sailing through the Patagonian Fjords and visiting Glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano. Our journey starts at the hotel pier where our boats will be ready to take us sailing for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, allowing us to observe colonies of blue-eyed cormorants and sea lions. We will then disembark in Puerto Toro (Bernardo O´Higgins National Park). After a fourty-minute stroll we will reach the viewpoint overlooking Glacier Serrano, bordering a lagoon with icebergs that come from the base of the glacier. We will return to our sailing boat and continue our journey to the Balmaceda Glacier, that looks impressive from the Cerro Balmaceda. We will finish our visit to the Glacier and return back to the hotel.


Half Day

This excursion has been specially designed for those travelers who would like to inquire more about the history, customs and traditions of Patagonia. We will depart from The Singular towards Cerro Castillo to permeate more with the history of the sheep business. This area was crucial during the administration days of Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego, who controlled the livestock business of chilean and argentinean Patagonia. We will visit sheep shearing barns and will have the opportunity to picture farming activities and their famous workers: the gauchos.



Half Day


Our journey starts in Puerto Bories,  navigating through Ultima Esperanza fjord and arriving at Peninsula Punta Jamón where we will disembark for a one hour trek. We will be able to see the port of Consune and Prat, as well as a superb view of the fjords. We will then learn about the lifestyle of the Puestero (shepherds) and their traditions. We will sail through Eberhard fjord where we will discover the first settlements that gave birth to the city of Puerto Natales.

Includes: navigating, excursion guide and snack.




Medium Level Full Day


Full Day

We will depart from the hotel towards National Monument “Cueva del Milodon”. After 30 minutes ride, we will stop to see and learn from rocky formation “Silla del Diablo (Devil’s Chair)” where we will start our trek. We will visit the middle cave where important human remains from the Patagonian inhabitants, “Aonikenk” have been found. We will begin trekking uphill through a trail, surrounded by lengas and typical Patagonian foliage. After one hour we will stop to contemplate the beautiful landscape and  will cross through a small valley to begin a new one-hour ascent to then stop for lunch amidst  nature. After lunch, we will continue to the main view point to get a panoramic view of Laguna Sofia, Cerro Benitez, Fiordo Ultima Esperanza. It is possible to see condors in this area. After enjoying this beautiful scenery, we will descend through another valley to reach the Milodon’s Cave, where remains of this prehistoric animal where found.


Full Day

After a nutritious breakfast at the hotel, we will depart towards one of the world’s 8 natural wonders: Torres del Paine National Park.  After 1 hour and 30 minutes drive, we will arrive in Pueblito Serrano where we will get equipped for our adventure. This area provides a privileged view of the Macizo del Paine (mountains). Our 2 hours horseback ride will begin here, where we will see the beauty of the park. We will return for lunch to then continue towards Lago Grey. We will walk for about one hour on the shore of the lake, where it is possible to see icebergs and the glacier. From here we will begin our return to the hotel by van, to stop in each view point to watch many of the natural wonders of the park.


Full Day

*This excursion is limited to 4 guests, therefore has to be booked in advance.

**This exclusive activity is not included in our standard excursion menu and is available to all guests at an extra cost.

The pristine untouched waters of Chilean Patagonia are considered one of the best places in the world for fly fishing. These virgin waters, born from the great southern ice field, are home to a diverse range of species which make for fantastic fishing opportunities. Species include: Salmo Trutta or Brown trout (highly prized by fishermen for its bright colours), Brook trout or “Fontinalis”, Rainbow trout, Chinook salmon (King Salmon), Atlantic Salmon, Coho Salmon and endemic fish such as Peladilla.

Patagonia offers remote locations with stunning scenery which are free from contamination and boast excellent ‘active’ waters. We invite you to try your luck and skill to conquer some of the most pristine and Singular fish that we could find!

Fly-Fishing Patagonia is a Full-Day excursion for small groups of maximum 4 guests accompanied by a bilingual guide. We recommend that guests define the details of the excursion once they arrive at the hotel and in conjunction with our expert guides who will be able to determine the best fishing spot for them from a wide range of pre-selected options.

This excursion needs guests to have their fishing license in advance. Please inquire about special requirements for this activity.


Full Day

Enjoy a unique full day at Torres del Paine.

After an hour’s drive, we shall enter the National Park, Torres del Paine, at the Estancia Lazo, located at the shore of Laguna Verde. With a privileged and splendorous view of the Torres Peaks, the path will show the flora and fauna of the area, specially the birds and flowers, along the way. Halfway through the trek, lunch will be offered amidst the lenga woods , to recover some energy and allow the exchange of views amongst the participants. The next leg, with a soft slope, reaches the exit of the Paine River at the Toro Lake, where a 360º viewing post stands, with a direct sight towards the Paine Towers.

From there our way takes us to the van for some surprises …

Medium Level Half Day


Half Day

We will drive from the hotel until we reach the junction that will take us to Laguna Sofìa, located twenty-four kms from Puerto Natales. At this junction we will ride our bikes for twelve kms on an unpaved road (sixty minutes ride), until we get to Laguna Sofía. From the lagoon we will be able to see Cerro Benitez and the condors that are often sighted in this area. We will also encounter different birds according to the time of the year. We will return by vehicle from Laguna Sofía back to the hotel.


Half Day

Laguna Sofía and Cerro Benítez are located twenty-four kms from Puerto Bories, a cliff with perching points for condors on the rock face dominating Laguna Sofía. The climb will take approximately one hour and thirty minutes. From the summit we will be able to observe the mighty condors, amongst the world’s largest birds, as well as the Eberhard fjord and Canal Señoret and Cerro Benitez which are all part of the paleontological site that comprises the Mylodon Cave and rupestrian paintings.


Half Day

Recommended even for inexperienced horse riders, this three-hour journey will take us to caves of archaeological interest within the estancia. Archaeologists have found prehistoric animal and human remains of approximately 3900 years old. Panoramic views and good ‘criollo’ horses make this horseback-riding journey an unforgettable experience, overlooking beautiful landscapes.


Half Day or Full Day

Paddling from the hotel for approximately 4 kilometres ( 45 -60 minutes) towards the dock of cormorants in Puerto Natales. From there, if weather permits, we will continue towards Bahia Cisnes where we will have the possibility to paddle and observe black necked swans, flamingos and pimpollos.


Half Day

Our excursion starts with a 20 minute drive on gravel road towards Fjord Eberhard. We will sail by kayak through different historical sites such as Puerto Prat, founded in 1899, Isla Krugger, known as the “Island of the Dead” which served as a cemetery to keep the remains of the of the first pioneers, Estancia Consuelo, where colonization of the Sound of Last Hope started and Villa Luisa, where Captain Eberhard built a patronal house. Several birds can be observed during this excursion as it is the habitat of 30 different species: 10 residents and 20 seasonal. The highlights: condor, Chilean flamingo and black necked swans.


Half Day

This tour is recommended for those who will experience kayaking for the first time and especially for families. We start by the shore in front of the hotel and will paddle for approximately one hour through the bay, in waters of the fjord of Last Hope. This activity can be done only under favourable weather conditions and there is almost no wind. A good shot from the hotel can be captured from the water.


Half Day

We will depart from the hotel towards the road to Punta Arenas. After 15 minutes van ride we will begin our half day trekking at the foothill of Cerro Dorotea to slowly begin our ascent. At first, we will explore bush areas, where Romerillo and Calafate abound. Suddenly forests of Notofaghus species will begin to show up. We will witness man’s intervention by the wounds hidden in some trees. Around mid day we will reach our objective: Mirador Ultima Esperanza, located at an altitude of  600 mts (1800 feet), where we will enjoy a privileged vista of a glacial-origin landscape which surrounds the quiet city of Puerto Natales. We may also spot some condors.

High Level Full Day only


Full Day

In between Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park lies Cerro Tenerife, an iconic landmark admired by all for its natural pyramid-like resemblance.

We will depart the hotel early in the morning towards Estancia El Complejo (45 mins drive) where our team will be preparing our horseback riding adventure (chaps and helmets provided). We will enter a deep forest with fauna and interesting geological formations. After a 2.5 hour ride, we will dismount our horses and continue on foot for a 2hr hike to reach the summit, offering amazing 360° views of the area including Cordillera Paine and impressive lakes and lagoons from Seno de Ultima Esperanza and Torres del Paine National Park, in addition to several glaciers such as Grey, Tyndall and Geyke, all part of the Southfield icefield. A nutritious and homemade lunch will be provided to replenish our energy before the 2 hr hike back to our horses and ride back to the starting point This is a 9 -10 hour excursion.


Full Day

The Torres del Paine (Paine Towers) are gigantic granite monoliths, which through time suffered erosion from glaciers, fluvial and Eolic.

Our trekking starts at Valle Ascencio, by the Monte Almirante Nieto foothill, until we reach the Refugio Chileno. We will then cross a nothofagus forest and finish our ascension by reaching a moraine of large rocks which will take us to the base of Torres del Paine after a four hour trekking. From this point we will be able to observe the Torre Norte (2600m), Torre Central (2800 m) and Torre Sur (2850 m) in all its splendour, weather permitting.


Full Day

We will leave from the hotel towards Cerro Castillo, until reaching Sector Tres Pasos (38kms from the hotel). This is an excursion to enjoy the vastness of the Patagonian fields, to gallop, to perambulate and to observe the beautiful flora and fauna of the area, be admired by the immensity of the skies and feel the freshness of Patagonia.

This horse excursion will last approximately 6 hours, including some breaks to rest in the pampas, same as it was done way back when while travelling with their sheep.


Tour Inclusions

  • Transfer from/to Punta Arenas (when booking 3 or more nights) or El Calafate (when booking 4 or more nights), for 3 nights to/from El Calafate, an additional cost applies.
  • Lodging with Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Bar: soft drinks, mineral water, juices, house wines, beers and liquors (Premium liquors and wines at extra cost)
  • Two half day excursions or a full day excursion per day in small groups with others passengers, accompanied by bilingual guides, heated pool, sauna and steam room (Massages and treatments at an additional cost)

Tour Exclusions

  • Any items not listed in the inclusions
  • Tips
  • Seasonal surcharges apply

Tour Pricing

4 days/ 3 Nights
Twin / Double
The Singular room
Rates are based on lead-in room and low or off season period. Please contact us for more information.

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