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The Biggest Travel Myths about South America

Were you greeted with concerned looks when you discussed travelling to South America? Perhaps some of these misconceptions have crossed your mind? This article debunks the biggest myths about travelling to South America.

It is too dangerous to travel to South America

This by far, is the biggest misconception about travelling to South America. When in reality, South America is generally a safe place to travel to. While it is true that some parts of South America are dangerous, these are not representative of the entire continent. Remember, South America is a continent, not one single country. Just like travelling to any other destination in the world, danger can be minimised or avoided. This can be done by diligently planning your trip with a professional and practising safety precautions during your journey.

South America is too far to travel to from Australia and New Zealand

Perhaps decades ago, this myth was true, but in recent years South America is closer than ever. In fact, there are weekly departures from most major Australian cities and from Auckland, New Zealand. What’s more surprising is that flights are around the same as flying to North America. From Australia and New Zealand flights to South America are only around 14 hours depending on your itinerary.

South America is poor and under-developed

South America is more developed than you think. There are thriving modern cities many of which are known to be technological hubs of innovation. Not to mention, South America is one of the biggest exporters of natural resources in the world.

Everyone in South America speaks Spanish

While Spanish is spoken in most South American countries, you will discover that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. Thanks to Brazil’s large population, Portuguese often surpasses as the most-prevalent language in South America. Other languages include French, Dutch, English and native languages and dialects. It is always a good idea to learn a few basic Spanish phrases to help you get around.

All the food is hot and spicy!

While it is true that many South American dishes can be spicy, it is not true of ALL the food. South America has a unique palette of cuisines thanks its rich history and blended cultures. There are dishes inspired from its colonial roots, traditional indigenous dishes, African influences and Caribbean flavours.


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