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Your Guide to a Layover in Santiago de Chile

The City of the Island Hills has for a long time been the major fly-in destination for Australian and New Zealand travellers experiencing all the wonders of the South American continent. Whilst airfares have become cheaper to other destinations such as Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo, Santiago is the closest city in proximity to Australasia and still remains one of the most popular destinations to fly into upon arrival in South America.

This being said, people heading to Latin America are not always flying into Santiago to spend a great amount of time there: they might have their sights set on another part of the region, another event, or have friends and family to visit elsewhere. However, Santiago is a stunningly cosmopolitan city of arts and culture, and the perfect place for a layover. South America Tourism has put together an itinerary for those spending only a brief amount of time in this magical city, so that you can make the most of your stopover there.

So… What to Do?

Your time in the city is limited and there is plenty to do, but there is no reason to be overwhelmed, as we’re here to guide you through your stopover in this city of energy and elegance. One thing that makes for a great experience during a layover, and something that gives you a whole experience of a city without the experience of spending a long time there is that of taking in the ultimate view of the surrounding metropolis. There is no better place to do this than at the Cerro Santia Lucia, where stunning colonial architecture meets views of a city bursting with life and vibrancy.

A Meal to Remember

After the hike up the Cerro Santa Lucia, you might have a bit of a craving for some classic Chilean cuisine. Head to Bar Nacional, a local classic, where traditional waiters serve up gigantic plates of tender steak and juicy roast vegetables. Cheerful, relaxed, and with food to satisfy any weary traveller, Bar Nacional is a great spot to head for a quintessential Chilean feed, one that you will be happy you experienced in your brief stopover in the capital.

Something Cultural

No layover is complete without experiencing one of the cultural offerings of the place you’re stopping in, and Santiago is awash with awesome activities to satisfy your cultural urges. One thing we here at South America Tourism recommend doing is heading to the Museo de Bellas Artes, where the entry is cheap but the works outstanding. An array of pieces from Chile’s most revered artists is displayed for those who enter the grand structure, and if you are a Chileno art novice, this is the perfect place for an introductory lesson.

A Quick Drink

You have time to quickly wet your whistle before heading back to the airport and flying either home or to your next destination, and you want to have a quick beverage to enjoy the last enjoyment of being in the city (or to calm your fear of flying, like me), but where do you go? Well, we recommend heading to one of three of Santiago’s most renowned institutions, Ligurias. Old school charm, incredible food, and a great drinks list make this name a Chilean favourite.

Want to Find Out More?

So, there you have it, a guide to a quick stop over in the City of Island Hills. South America Tourism provide a range of package deals for experiences outside of Santiago, such as tours throughout the stunning natural landscape of Chile, and would be happy to discuss them further with you if you are heading in that direction. Feel free to give us a call and we will happily chat about your layover or anything else you’re thinking of doing in Chile or South America as a whole.

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