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Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa is a boutique hotel on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama. This stunning property offers guided Atacama adventures, Altiplano excursions and bird-watching; as well as luxury spa services, fine dining and boutique hotel hospitality. Tierra Atacama provides guest experiences that combine outdoor adventure and sports with indoor comforts, hospitality and service.

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Excursion options

When you arrive at Tierra Atacama expert guides will personally walk you through our portfolio of excursions. The guides will get to know your interests and physical activity level, helping to create a bespoke journey for you to explore the Atacama Desert your way.


Cornisas Hike:

This hike to the cornices of the Cordillera de la Sal makes for the perfect introduction to Atacama’s bewitching, moon-like landscapes. We’ll start by heading off along the age-old road linking San Pedro de Atacama with Calama, taking us to the Catarpe tunnel. Prepare to be taken aback by the spellbinding panorama here in the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley), framing some of the region’s most imposing volcanoes and sweeping, fiery red rock formations, which will accompany us on our hike along the desert plateau at around 2,600m (8,350ft) above sea level. We’ll round the hike off with a thrilling descent down the dunes of Death Valley, as we gaze out towards the snow-dusted mountains of the Andes looming far ahead of us.

Quebrada del Diablo & the Vilama Fortress:

Discover the beguiling land formations of the Quebrada del Diablo and enjoy a dose of local heritage, here in the Cordillera de la Sal. Having driven to the cusp of the ‘Devil’s Canyon’, we’ll begin our hike through this dried-up river bed, meandering along flat terrain which is flanked on each side by ethereal, craggy rock walls. This trail will then lead up a steady ascent to a lookout point, rewarding all effort with far-reaching views out towards the rippling mountains and volcanoes that surround us. From here, we’ll come across historic petroglyphs etched into the rock walls – a sign of travelers and traders having used this very same route for hundreds of years – all before finishing the hike at Vilama; a historic fortress that blends seamlessly into its earthen-hued environment.

Guatin Valley & Puritama Thermal Springs:

This picturesque trek through the Guatin Valley will lead us to the enticing thermal pools at Puritama, where you can wallow in mineral-rich waters while admiring the pristine valley around you. We’ll begin with an uphill hike, passing towering cacti, the flowing Puritama River and terracotta-tinted rocks that hint at the volcanic past here in Guatin. As the jagged terrain of the canyon transforms into rolling pampas, we approach the serene thermal pools of Puritama and indulge in a scenic soak amidst nature as its wildest. Keep an eye out for resident birdlife and let the medicinal properties of Puritama work their magic on your legs.

Exploring Machuca & the Río Grande:

Llamas, Alpacas, Giant Cacti and desert flora abound on this immersive exploration of Machuca and the Río Grande. With a relatively consistent altitude of around 4000m (13,200ft) above sea level throughout the trek, you will follow a rough route which surrounds the Peñaliri riverbed, a sparsely populated stretch of desert tundra, hardy plants and unusually high number of native animals and birdlife for such arid plains.

Along the way, you will pass the settlements of Peñaliri and Río Grande Village to witness, among the dramatic backdrop of lofty peaks and an unforgiving wilderness, the traditional agricultural plantations of crops suited perfectly to an extreme, high-altitude environment, predominantly consisting of native potato species, corn and members of the onion family. This snapshot insight into the adaptability of both mankind and nature in such extreme conditions, serves as an evocative highlight during any time spent in the Atacama Desert.

Visit to Moon Valley:

For the people of the High Andean Plains, budding explorers and visiting travelers alike, there are few places as evocative as the Valle de la Luna or ‘Moon Valley’. The myriad of peaks, rock formations and canyons are a bewildering natural spectacle, one which can never be fully understood in either its natural beauty or tangible, spiritual atmosphere until you get there. Being a morning exploration, we will aim to avoid large visiting crowds in order to make the most of irreplaceable lookouts, eerie silences and moments of contemplation, all of which the sprawling landscapes of the Valle de la Luna are known for. There will be a chance to make your own peace with the desert, hike to stunning vantage points with our expert guide as well as enjoying time at leisure, before returning to the hotel and back down to earth.

Cerro Toco Volcano Climb:

Located just 6km from the border between Chile and Bolivia, Cerro Toco is as awe-inspiring to look at from the ground, as the expansive panoramas are to be enjoyed from its summit. This depleted volcano is far less-visited than its better-known nearby cousins of Licancabur and Lascar, though offers equally astounding views, a solid level of hiking and just as much sense of achievement in reaching its peak as with any mountain in the surrounding Andes. Departing the hotel, you will travel by van across the plains to the trailhead, gradually ascending to a starting altitude of 5,000m (16,400ft), where the dusty roads lead into rows of dramatic hills, some of which may be dusted with snow, though all will look even more magnificent from atop Cerro Toco!

The ascent can be taken at a steady pace, as this high-altitude trek is very much about the enjoyment of the climb, ensuring enough energy is left to indulge in its aerial rewards. Having traversed the trails to 5,600m (18,700ft), take a moment to revel in the surrounding mountainscape, with views out to Laguna Blanca and the Salar de Atacama being of particularly spectacular note, before gradually making the descent back to the awaiting support vehicle and home.

Lascar Volcano:

Conquering the elements, altitude and weary legs to reach the rim of the Lascar crater is a mission that promises all the thrills of a strenuous mountain climb.  You’ll earn effortlessly beautiful scenery along the way and an opportunity to boast that you climbed the most active volcano in northern Chile!

Departing the hotel in the safe hands of our expert local guides, you will travel by van across the plains to the trailhead.  The drive will gradually ascend to a starting altitude of 4,800m (16,000ft), passing the blissful waters of Laguna Lejía on the way. You’ll experience an increase in altitude of roughly 600m during the 3km hike, with each exciting step taking you closer to the tantalizing prospect of steaming fumaroles and smoking potholes, both of which fill the main crater. The rocky trails do not require technical ability, though the climb is relatively steep, snaking your way up the south-eastern side of this famous Chilean landmark.

Upon reaching the crater’s edge, the resulting vistas are all about the sprawling salt flats and adjacent Laguna Lejía below.  The sheer spectacle of witnessing the inner workings of a slowly depleting volcano up close is an irreplaceable and unforgettable experience.


Devils Canyon:

Feel the exhilaration of pedalling through spellbinding landscapes towards the Quebrada del Diablo ‘Devil’s Canyon’, witnessing scenic sights across the Atacama as you go. Having geared up and prepared our bicycles at the hotel, we will start our exploration of the local area, beginning with a ride along the banks of the San Pedro River, at 2,400m (7,900ft) above sea level. Bumble along the dusty pathways, with the beautiful mountains accompanying you along the way, before crossing the cool, gentle waters of the river to reach the other side.

Soon after, we will arrive at the Quebrada del Diablo, a dried-up riverbed with towering walls of red clay and beguiling rock shapes; a naturally formed bike trail for us to zip along. The path leads us up higher and higher until we reach the end of the canyon and our lookout point, looking out over rugged, rocky earth juxtaposed with the lush green of the Catarpe plantations. After taking in this view, we make our way back to the hotel, following the meandering waters of San Pedro River as our guide.

Biking Death Valley:

This challenging, invigorating bike ride is the perfect choice for thrill-seekers looking to venture into Death Valley on two wheels. The route is filled with plenty of ascents to get your blood pumping, though you’ll also be rewarded with welcome downhill sections that will have you flying. Setting off in a north-westerly direction, we will be treated to divine views of the Cordillera de Sal, the imposing peaks of mountains and volcanoes jutting up into the cobalt sky ahead of us. You will get to admire Death Valley’s unforgiving terrain from above, affording us with a superb perspective of this undulating rockscape, before we take to the old roads that lead down to the valley below, immersing ourselves into the awe-inspiring grandeur of this eerie, though gentle place.


Bike Ride through the Ayllus :

This gentle bike tour provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Atacama communities, getting to know their distinctive local culture. We’ll hop on our bicycles at the hotel and pedal towards San Pedro de Atacama, making for the small, characterful communities surrounding the town which are known as Los Ayllus, made up of extended families who have lived here for generations. Cycling at an easy pace and making stops at leisure means that we have the best chance of gaining a real insight into this intriguing oasis, perched at 2,400m above sea level (7,900ft). The route is characteristic of the area, as we pass traditional farms, plantations and homes constructed from adobe, as well as artisan workshops, old mills and food stands selling local delicacies. Exploring Atacama’s villages on two wheels is a warming, memorable experience, and also an ideal way to acclimatize on your first day here at Tierra Atacama.

Ojos del Salar:

Looking to see of the water elements in the Atacama desert, this is the perfect ride. We leave the hotel heading south by bicycle, towards the edge of the Atacama Salt Flat at an altitude of 2,300masl approx. (7,500 feet) We will reach the “Ojos del Salar” two small pools of fresh water which are incredibly deep, in the middle of the driest desert in the world. We then continue to the Tebinquinche waterhole, which is a true mirror in which you can see the reflection of the Andes. We wait for the sunset here before returning to the hotel by vehicle.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in the Atacama:
Soak up the stunning scenery as you walk, trot, or canter along, feeling closer than ever to nature on whichever route you opt for at Tierra Atacama. The difficulty level and duration of the horse rides are up to you: they can take between 2-5 hours and be as easy or challenging as you like! What’s more, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we always work with small, local providers; our guides are true experts in their field and take great care of their beautiful horses, using typical Chilean riding gear. So, saddle up and prepare for an energizing excursion deep into the Atacama.


Scenic Voyages

Visit to Moon Valley:

For the people of the High Andean Plains, budding explorers and visiting travelers alike, there are few places as evocative as the Valle de la Luna or ‘Moon Valley’. The myriad of peaks, rock formations and canyons are a bewildering natural spectacle, one which can never be fully understood in either its natural beauty or tangible, spiritual atmosphere until you get there. Being a morning exploration, we will aim to avoid large visiting crowds in order to make the most of irreplaceable lookouts, eerie silences and moments of contemplation, all of which the sprawling landscapes of the Valle de la Luna are known for. There will be a chance to make your own peace with the desert, hike to stunning vantage points with our expert guide as well as enjoying time at leisure, before returning to the hotel and back down to earth.

The Salar de Atacama:

Uncover the breathtaking sights of the Salar de Atacama on this captivating excursion to Chaxa Lagoon, where vivid colors and resident Flamingos abound. We’ll begin with a trip south to visit Toconao, a secluded village and desert oasis which was built using soft white stone, known for its fruit cultivation thanks to the natural irrigation it is bestowed with. We’ll wander through Toconao itself, passing the main plaza, the church adorned with an 18th century bell tower and artisan workshops, before continuing onward. Our destination is the Los Flamencos National Reserve at Chaxa Lagoon, home not only to the various Flamingo species but also to Andean Gulls, Highland Chorlos and more birdlife. As we take a gentle walk along the trails that wind their way around this watery haven, there’s no doubt you’ll want to reach for your camera and capture this landscape of vast open skies, imposing peaks looming on the horizon and the colors of the sunset mirrored in Chaxa Lagoon, as the Flamingos fly across the sky.

The Tara Salt Flats:

A jaw-dropping mix of volcanoes, staggering rock formations and wildlife is in store for you to and through the Tara Salt Flat. Driving eastward, we’ll pass the Quepiaco River and an array of wildlife which is known to thrive here, including Flamingos, Ducks and Vicuñas, until the distinctive silhouette of Licancabur Volcano comes into view; an important landmark for the people of Atacama as it is believed to be their spiritual protector. We’ll ascend to 4,700m (15,419ft) above sea level, our highest point on the trip and a place which endows us with a view of kaleidoscopic surroundings of wetlands and salt flats, though there are plenty more astonishing views ahead of us, too. The end of the paved road signals our approach to the Monjes de la Pacana, rock pinnacles that jut out of the desert landscape in a striking natural display, before reaching the Tara Salt Flat itself. This colorful expanse is truly dazzling to behold, a desolate but spellbinding spot where flora and fauna flourish. Here we’ll take a picnic lunch while soaking up the eye-popping views on this full-day excursion.

Tatio Geysers at Sunrise:

Feast your eyes on the Tatio Geysers, one of the world’s most impressive geothermal sites and certainly an icon of the Atacama Desert. We’ll set off early this morning to reach the Tatio Geysers just as the sun begins to emerge above the horizon, casting an ethereal glow on vapor columns which tower over us at heights of up to 12 meters. We’ll spend some time appreciating the wonder of this geothermal field, home to over 80 active geysers which protrude from bubbling pools of boiling water, then have breakfast with the geysers as our views. As we head home, we will often spot wildlife roaming outside, including Vicuñas, Foxes, Vizcachas and Andean Ostriches. We will stop at the picturesque, adobe village of Machuca. Home to no more than a dozen locals, Machuca is small, cultural site to behold with its church built from wood and handicraft stalls, a charming interlude before taking the return road to Tierra.

Special Interest Tours

Atacama Birdwatching:

For birdwatchers, the Atacama is an unexpected haven, with the wetlands of Putana and Machuca brimming with all sorts of ornithological delights. This half-day tour will get you up close to the surprising species living at these high altitudes, in a delicate ecosystem found 4,000m (13,000ft) above sea level. As we head past the Tatio Geysers, towards Putana and Machuca, the journey itself promises sporadic sightings of local wildlife, though by the time we reach the wetlands you may well be in the company of endemic birds such as Flamingos, Andean Geese, Andean Seagulls, Giant Taguas, Puna Teasl, Crested Ducks, and Tyrant Flycatchers, to name just a few; as well as non-bird species like Vicuñas and Llamas in Machuca. Witnessing such a rich variety of birds, against a backdrop of craggy mountains and volcanoes, makes for a birdwatching tour unlike any other.

Petroglyphs & Rainbow Valley:

Unearth ancient petroglyphs and admire a kaleidoscope of color at Rainbow Valley on this half-day excursion; a geological and archaeological treat. The drive leads us westward to the Domeyko Mountains and Rainbow Valley, whose stripes of copper, silver, jade, violet and everything in-between lend this sacred place its name. A 30-minute walk will allow us time to marvel at the terrain, the result of erosion and environmental processes that created this mineral-rich rock face. Once you’ve experienced the charms of Rainbow Valley, we’ll make for the town of Hierbas Buenas, where pre-Columbian petroglyphs await. Emblazoned on the rock walls of a natural shelter – which was hewn out of compacted volcanic ash before being used by local farmers, these intricate images depict animals and ancient hidden messages still little understood; something truly extraordinary to behold.

Atacama Stargazing:

The Atacama Desert is known to be one of the best places on earth for stargazing. So, armed with the largest public telescope in the region as well as the help of our expert guides, we’ll enjoy a fascinating evening of astronomy together, something not easily forgotten. Look up to the jet-black canopy above you, studded with glittering stars and their constellations, easily visible to the naked eye thanks to the Atacama’s lack of artificial light and endless expanse of untouched desert. The night sky transforms throughout the year, so depending on the time of your visit, it may be Saturn’s rings, craters on the moon, nebulas and even supernovas on show. All the while, pick the brain of your guide for astronomic worldviews or the way traditional Andean communities saw cosmic constellations, because if you thought the Atacama Desert was beautiful by day, just wait to see things in all its glory by night!

Full Moon Hike:

When the moon is full, the Atacama Desert is exquisitely illuminated; and in this light, we will experience its natural splendor from a whole new perspective. After dinner, we will leave the hotel and set off away from all light pollution to reach a truly scenic desert spot. This leisurely hike allows us to marvel at the lunar landscape beneath the silvery glow of the moon, contemplating the silhouettes and shadows found at every taken, appreciating its spectacular geography in an altogether alternative way. After about half an hour of walking through this twilight world, we’ll stop to make a campfire and enjoy a snack here, taking in the pure magic of the Atacama under moonlight.

Tour Inclusions

  • Transfer to and from the airport.
  • American Breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Open Bar (Premium wines and vintage liquors available for an additional cost),
  • 2 Half Day excursions or 1 Full Day excursion in small groups.

Tour Exclusions

  • Any flights
  • Items not listed in the inclusions

Tour Pricing

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