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7 Ways to Experience Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Tour to Costa Rica to experience some of Latin America’s most pristine and undisturbed natural landscapes. Since its push for ecotourism during the early 1960s, Costa Rica is on the way to becoming the first carbon-neutral country by 2021!

Blessed with lush vegetation and flourishing biodiversity, we guide you to eco-friendly ways to explore Costa Rica’s natural wonders.

Go off the beaten path

Wildlife is abundant nearly everywhere in Costa Rica, but the best places to go are in rural and remote areas. Head to places such as Arenal Volcano National Park, home of the dormant Arenal Volcano. Nearby you can also explore Lake Arenal and La Fortuna Waterfall. There are also natural hot springs and excellent trails to discover.

Stay at an ecolodge

Costa Rica prides itself for operating sustainable ecolodges. They are abundant, varying from basic to luxury, and many of which operate in off-the grid and isolated areas. Due to the lack of electrical lines, many ecolodges are powered by solar and wind.

Explore and support local farms

Tour the local organic farms and delight your taste buds with locally sourced foods. Learn where the nations freshest produce are sourced and how they are cultivated. Tours can be taken through cloud forests to strawberry fields or tasting local cheeses. Going on a tour of local farms is a fantastic way to support the local economy and promote ecotourism.

Enjoy a Cuppa!

We mention organic farms but coffee deserves its own category! For the caffeine and coffee enthusiasts, Costa Rica is one of the leading producers of quality coffee beans. Learn the art of and the intricate coffee making process starting from bean to cup.

Go birdwatching

Thanks to its temperature and thriving flora, Costa Rica is blessed with nearly 840 species of birds. Many flock to places such as Corcovado National Park to view the remarkable birdlife. This national park alone, consists of 13 different ecosystems varying from mangrove swamps to highlands.

Zipline through nature

Throughout the years, canopy tours and zip-lines have become synonymous with travel to Costa Rica. Zip lining is one of the most exciting ways to explore the country’s verdant rainforests. Zip lining from platform to platform is a unique way to view the lush vegetation, gushing waterfalls, and birdlife. You will also learn about the local ecology, botany, and reforestation practices.

Splendour in nature

Costa Rica is bursting at the seams with abundant nature and scenic landscapes. In fact, nearly one-third of Costa Rica is covered in national parks and reserves. Immerse yourself in the environment during a hike or nature walk. Explore hanging bridges, forest canopies, spotting wildlife or simply taking in the magnificent natural landscape. With a guided hike or walk, you can learn about native plants and animals, the ecology, and local history of the environment.

There are so many ways to experience this slice of paradise and its natural splendors. Explore Costa Rica with South America Tourism with our Costa Rica Highlights tour or get in touch with the team to create your dream Costa Rica itinerary!

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