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Cuba, more than just Cigars, Cars and Salsa

When visitors think of Cuba, their immediate thoughts are salsa, classic American cars, cigars, and mojitos. But as a seasoned traveller to this beautiful Caribbean island, I can tell you firsthand, that Cuba offers so much more!

Cuba is blessed with white sand beaches bathed by the turquoise Caribbean Sea and filled with some of the world’s best snorkelling sites. Fertile valleys and unique shaped hills blanketed by tobacco fields can be found as you travel inland. And then, there is also the rich African and Spanish heritage expressed through its architecture, food, music, religion, and art.

Simply put, a visit to Cuba will ignite your senses.

Classic American cars in Havana
Image: Classic American cars are driven around Cuba

About Havana

Havana, the capital, is a vibrant eclectic city captivating its visitors from the moment they arrive. Music can be heard at every corner, guiding you like a compass and inviting you to walk its cobblestone streets. Discover its cultural, gastronomic, and architectural treasures – many of which are remnants of its prosperous sugar cane past.

But perhaps what gives this city its electrifying energy, are its Afro descendant people, who once came to the island as slaves to work on the fields.  The communion of two cultures as well as the country’s political landscape, has given rise to a unique and exotic blend of flavors, music, religion, and art.

A couple of drummers in the street
Image: Musicians in the street


Trinidad, My Second Home

Trinidad is another colonial gem, but distinctively different from the capital. It is a simpler city that I call my second home.  A visit to Trinidad guarantees a journey back in time. Take in the nostalgia in the main plaza as you watch horse drawn carriages or watch the locals play a game of dominos. If adventure is what you crave, horse riding or trekking in the nearby mountain range of Topes de Collantes is a must.  Then, finish your day salsa-dancing the night away with a “Cuba Libre” in hand under the starry night sky.

Passengers in a horse drawn carriage along a cobblestone street in Trinidad
Image: Horse drawn carriages in Trinidad

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