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Cuban woman holding a cigar

A Quick Guide to some of Cuba’s Best Festivals

Music fills the air and the streets are splashed with colour, feel the rhythm and soul of Cuba as it celebrates its proud history through year-round festivals. Here is a quick guide through Cuba’s best festivals. 


Havana International Jazz Festival 

Celebrating all things jazz!  Experience traditional jazz and the more seductive afro-Cuban jazz. This internationally renowned tradition began in 1979 with performances from Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach under its belt. Expect live performance in various venues throughout the city and streets.  

Cuban man playing trumpet

Havana Cigar Festival 

It wouldn’t be Cuba without celebrating its iconic cigar! Havana lights up during February with Havana cigar distributers and manufacturers. Each of which showcasing new the latest trends and products of cigarsGet behind the scenes of the cigar industry with plantation tours, trade fairs, a gala dinner, tastings and master classes. 

Cuban woman holding a cigar

Santiago De Cuba Carnival 

Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival is one of the biggest festivals on the island! This week-long celebration is a feast for the senses filled with spectacular floats, dancers, rum, drums, and Caribbean beats. It is held in the city  of Santiago de Cuba celebrating Cuba’s melting pot of cultures including African, Indigenous, Chinese, French Haitian and Spanish.  


Las Parrandas De Remedios 

Originating in one of Cuba’s oldest city of Remedios, a small town known for its famous Christmas festival, Las Parrandas De Remedios. It is one of Cuba’s oldest traditions dating back in the 1820s. This event was created to spark interest of the village to attend Christmas mass at midnight. Nowadays, it is carnival-like with elaborate floats, fireworks, costumes, music and dance.  


Havana Ballet Festival 

Believe it or not, ballet is a prestigious and respected art form in Cuba. It was created by Cuba’s renowned ballerina Alicia Alonso in 1960. This event is held every two years showcasing the country’s best dancers and attracts ballet dancers, choreographers, and companies from all over the world.  


Havana Biennial  

This month-long cultural event is an art lover’s paradise exhibiting the best of Cuba’s and Latin America’s contemporary artists. In addition to artworks, there are also sculptures and artistic performances. 

Cuban art pieces 

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