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Guide to Unique Street Fairs in Buenos Aires

If you are headed to Buenos Aires, then you need to know about unique street fairs “ferias” that are typically hosted on the weekends. These community festivals are a combination of flea market and county fair. Visitors will find music, street performers, and vendors that can stretch for blocks. Once you have finished listening to some of the local musicians and haggling with the vendors for knick knacks that you will be packing into your suitcase for the flight back, you can find some of the best local food that you could ever hope to eat. Simply put, these are must see attractions while in the country.

San Telmo Feria

In the neighborhood of San Telmo is one of the largest ferias in Buenos Aires. You will find vendors, living statues, street performers, and food stalls that extend for blocks. Don’t miss the antiques that will make your home truly unique when your friends and family come over. This is definitely a must see during your trip.

Recoleta Feria

I think this fair is one of the most interesting to me given the fact that it is located right next a famous cemetery in Buenos Aires. Lots of visitors think that this feria has some of the best souvenirs, including antiques, crafts, and jewelry. Another great thing about this particular festival is it is centrally located to a number of other great attractions, including museums, the cemetery, flower sculptures and more. Don’t miss this amazing stop and find something amazing to remember your trip before you head to the airport.

Belgrano and Plaza Serrano

Antiques and traditional crafts are not for everyone. The younger tourist might be looking for something a little more hip and urban and they have a number of really cool options. The Ferias at Belgrano and Plaza Serrano are definitely a bit smaller than some of the others I have already talked about, but they certainly deliver with a modern urban artist feel. Feria de Plaza Serrano has bars opening up to artisans and vendors that target a very hip modern clientele in Buenos Aires. Belgrano has a very modern style that the locals call “artesania urbana”. You will have a hard time finding anything quite as unique as these amazing street fairs.

You absolutely cannot miss the great and unique opportunities that are available to visitors to Buenos Aires. Go on and make a few memories while you are strolling through the street vendors.

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