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5 Must Try Foods in Brazil

Brazil is unique in many ways from the language, culture, and food. You would absolutely do yourself a disservice if you didn’t stop and try the local fare while you are vacationing in the biggest country in South America.


Don’t miss traditional barbecue while down south. Brazilian barbecue is a little different than what you might expect. Giant premium cuts of meat are cooked with a liberal shake of salt and cooked to pink perfection before being enjoyed by a ravenous customer wearing pants with an elastic waist band. Brazilian steakhouses generalise this style of cooking to a number of different delicious meats, including chicken, pork, and lamb on skewers.


Every costal culture on the planet has some version of this fish stew, but no one does it quite as well as the Brazilians. Moqueca is served in an uncovered steaming clay pot. In it, fish or seafood is cooked with tomato, coriander, and onions on top of peppers and coconut milk. There are several variations of the dish throughout Brazil so enjoy the variation.


It is now time to get a little kick with Brazil’s national cocktail. Cachaca is made with fermented sugarcane juice which can knock you right off your feet if you aren’t careful. Some is served without colouring and without being aged, but if you are looking for something a little bit smoother there are brands that are aged in wood barrels to achieve a golden colouring. If you have to clear your head afterward, try some coconut water straight from the coconut to replace your electrolytes.


These are simple sweets that you can find at any kid’s party in Brazil because of how tasty and simple they are. You could even make them yourself by simmering condensed milk with cocoa powder, add in some butter and you are good to go. They are tiny explosions of sugar and chocolate that will keep you energised after a night of Cachaca drinking with your friends. You will probably develop so much of a taste for them that you will find yourself making them once you’re home.


These are the stereotypical street foods that you will find in Brazil. Simple black-eyed pea patties combined with onions and palm oil deep fried provide the best base for adding dried shrimp and a spicy seafood mix. You will have trouble finding a more calorie filled food but that shouldn’t keep you from trying.

Now that you have your starter list of foods to try on your next trip to Brazil make sure to take every opportunity to enjoy the great food this amazing country has to offer.

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