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History, Rhythm, and Revolution: The Culture and History of Cuba

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba in 2015 the Caribbean nation has seen a massive increase in travellers eager to see what secrecies the island holds. Cuba is no longer seen as a mysterious nation where only the most intrepid of tourists head, fearless of repercussions for being a westerner. Of course, this was never the case; the people of Cuba have always been friendly and hospitable, and perhaps this was just an idea created due to the political tensions between Cuba and their much larger neighbour. All politics and convention aside, the Pearl of the Antilles has become one of the world’s most recent hotspots for travel, and it is easy to see why.We here at South America Tourism have compiled a few of the things we love most about the country, in the hope that you will also share in the beauty of its landscapes and its people.

History and Culture Combine

Of course, Havana is the port of call for most people entering the island nation, and it is here where people become astounded by its colonial antiquity, fascinating history, and vibrant street scene. The aesthetic is a myriad of colour, where rows of blue and green houses line streets filled with red and aqua classic cars (a testament to the trade embargo which has since been lifted).

Of course, one of the absolute musts of heading to the capital is a visit to the Museo de la Revolucion, where presidential rules of Cuba presided before the revolution of 1957, and the subsequent attack on the palace. Bullet holes from the attack still line the museum’s walls, and the history and stunning interior of the building is something that will stick with you for a long time.

One of the little-known gems of the city that a few of the team here at South America Tourism love visiting when in La Habana is the Arabian House Museum, where Castro had all kinds of fascinating Arabic art and antiques stored as gifts from Middle Eastern nations. Here, you will also find a charming peacock wondering its grounds.

A Great Place for a Party

Something you will learn about the Cuban people upon arriving to the country is that despite not having the material possessions of its western neighbours, the people are friendly, welcoming, and always ready for a good time. The street scene in Havana is something else: bands of horns, guitars, and drums play rhythmic mambo, and after a couple of rum-infused cocktails, it is hard not to get swept up in the energetic merriment of the music.

You will have an inspiring time navigating the grand avenues and charming side streets of the city, and realise why this nation is one unlike any other, and South America Tourism would like to help you get there. We provide a range of package deals for this beautiful nation, where culture, history, and lust for life combine to make a great joy of chaos. Call us and we’ll happily have a chat about Cuba and all the treasures it beholds.

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