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Medellin: One of the Greatest Success stories of Latin America

Nestled in a tranquil valley of the Andes Mountains is Medellin. It was once considered the ‘most dangerous city in the world’ and probably best known as the home of the cocaine king, Pablo Escobar.

Nowadays, Medellin is completely transformed and is trending as South America’s ‘must visit’ destination.  Why is this city trending? Because for a long time Medellin was unsafe to travel to and considered off limits thanks to its ‘deadly’ reputation.

Over the last 15 years it has undergone a huge transformation. It is one of Colombia’s most modernised city. There is a bustling tech industry with a growing entrepreneurial culture. There is  a fantastic cable car system overlooking the city. Visit new parks, modern architecture, libraries and restaurants to suits all tastes.

Dubbed the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ thanks to its year-round pleasant weather, Medellin is still relatively unexplored. But the word is getting out. Visit Medellin before the crowds get here.


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